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Monster ghoul Draculaura loves looking fashionable and takes care of her appearance regularly. ]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-draculaura-chic-makeover-5439.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-draculaura-chic-makeover-5439.html Sun, 06 May 2012 03:57:07 +0400
Jocuri Clawdeen Wolf Great Makeover
Clawdeen Wolf thinks you can give her a great makeover as you have a perfect styling sense. So, start playing this makeover game and give Clawdeen Wolf a great makeover which she can show off.]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-clawdeen-wolf-great-makeover-5275.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-clawdeen-wolf-great-makeover-5275.html Wed, 25 Feb 2015 11:04:37 +0400
Jocuri Clawd Wolf Messy Room Cleaning
Let’s help this cool guy Clawd Wolf tidy up his room and clean up the mess. Put the things back in their places and make the room look neat.]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-clawd-wolf-messy-room-cleaning-5274.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-clawd-wolf-messy-room-cleaning-5274.html Tue, 24 Feb 2015 13:12:06 +0400
Jocuri Monster High Messy Room
Tomorrow is the get to gather of the family of monster high family. They have made all the arrangements for the party. ]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-monster-high-messy-room-5273.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-monster-high-messy-room-5273.html Tue, 24 Feb 2015 11:05:25 +0400
Jocuri Litte Princess Belle Room Cleaning
Princess Belle will be a good girl to learn how to arrange and keep her place clean. Help her in arranging the things and cleaning the room!]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-litte-princess-belle-room-cleaning-5272.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-litte-princess-belle-room-cleaning-5272.html Mon, 23 Feb 2015 15:57:50 +0400
Jocuri Princess Jasmine Flower Facial Makeover
Give princess Jasmine a flower facial makeover to make her look gorgeous and beautiful.]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-princess-jasmine-flower-facial-makeover-5271.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-princess-jasmine-flower-facial-makeover-5271.html Mon, 23 Feb 2015 10:54:57 +0400
Jocuri Princess Cinderella Messy Room
Help princess Cinderella in cleaning her messy room as she is expecting the prince soon.]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-princess-cinderella-messy-room-5269.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-princess-cinderella-messy-room-5269.html Sat, 21 Feb 2015 09:09:09 +0400
Jocuri Olaf Coconut Cream Pie
Today is the birthday of Olaf. He has decided to invite his close friends. They are Kristoff, the reindeer Sven and both the princesses Elsa and Anna. He is going to bake a creamy and delicious cake for friends. The task successfully he needs your help. F]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-olaf-coconut-cream-pie-5268.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-olaf-coconut-cream-pie-5268.html Fri, 20 Feb 2015 11:49:21 +0400
Jocuri Frozen Elsa Banana Facial
Today you will be assisting the snow queen at her home spa salon. Apply different facial masks on her face to brighten her face and make it look perfect. ]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-frozen-elsa-banana-facial-5265.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-frozen-elsa-banana-facial-5265.html Thu, 19 Feb 2015 16:58:36 +0400
Jocuri Talking Tom Cool Makeover
Start this makeover game and pamper the Tom cat with different facial masks that he is ready for the makeup in the end.]]>
http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-talking-tom-cool-makeover-5263.html http://www.jocuri12.com/jocuri-talking-tom-cool-makeover-5263.html Wed, 18 Feb 2015 13:17:05 +0400